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Magic Filters - reaction

This page shows some quotes from some of the early emails that Magic users have been kind enough to send back to me. Sharing the Magic filter was quite a gamble for me, because it meant sharing a technique that I could have kept for myself! However, each time someone is kind enough to send in some Magic shots that they are pleased with, or a few kind words about the filter it gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

At time of writing (summer 2006) there are two published Magic Filter reviews available online. The first is by Mike Veitch for and concludes: "I am extremely pleased with the performance and versatility of this new tool...I know I will not hesitate to attach it to my camera". Charles Hood, reviewed the filters for DIVE Magazine and says "What were the results? In a word astonishing", scoring them 10/10 for value and 9/10 for performance.

Had a chance to try your filters briefly. Excellent tool to add to the arsenal of toys! Well done, and thanks for working so hard to introduce innovation to the u/w photo world.
Tony Wu

I only used the filter on the final day and a half but I think you'll agree the results weren't too shabby. I was pretty stunned how well the soft corals came out without strobe light
John Scarlet

I am very pleased with the filters - and very grateful for your patient development and the effort you have made to bring it to us all.
Mark Webster

I just wanted to let you know they really work!
Bob Struber

I LOVE the look which to me has a more pastel kind of painting like quality.
David Haas

I have much to learn, and just need more water time to find opportunities. But I am very excited about the potential.
Chris White

I took a punt on a magic filter working with my Canon A80 digicam for my first efforts at underwater photography & was chuffed to bits with the results.
Matt Saunders

Man am I impressed. I have NEVER seen such good color on my dive photos ever using a strobe.
Steve Dingeldein

Check out some of my recent pics at the Magic Filter web site shot in the Coral Sea. Each time I've used it I'm getting better and better results.
David Haas

We had a "club" competition last night, and my "winning" shot was one of my Magic Filter shots from Turks and Caicos.
Richard Horn

Although the Reef fauna was lacking, I was still impressed with the colours that came out in the pictures. I'll certainly be using it again that's for sure.. Thanks to Alex & Peter
Craig Nelson

Is it not amazing what you can do with magic filter? Alex has openned the doors for the colors in available light photography!!!
Lambis Stratoudakis

I've had some great results with my Magic Filters. I use them in shallow water situations to provide maximum color and saturation. They work well on corals, divers and big creatures. Off Bonaire, the Magic Filter made it possible for me to get a nice shot of a bottlenose dolphin on a coral reef that came in to the dropoff for a look. Off Hawaii, I had 35 Galapagos sharks get very friendly and I recorded it in eye-popping color. I've shot wrecks in Bali and reefs in Wakatobi with them as well and all with stellar results. Even when I use them with a light fill flash the color comes through nicely every time. Every trip I find a new use for the Magic Filter. Highly recommended!
Tim Rock, Double Blue Images.

Kudos for creating a fantastic filter. I just returned from diving in Thailand and was very pleased with the results from my compact Canon S80 equipped with a magic filter. So glad I don’t have to spend all that money on underwater strobes.
Robert Liew

This was the first time I used my digital camera underwater. I had used throw-away film cameras before on two occasions and tha's what I ended up doing with the prints (throwing them away). I'm so glad I read about the filter in Underwater Photography before I took my vacation. It helped save my memories for years to come and filled me with such a feeling of awe each night as I processed my images. Thank you, again!
Michael Wenzler

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