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Other Books

This page contains details of the some of the other books, where I am not an named author, that I have made contributions to.

The Underwater Photographer (2010)

I am excited to announce that the latest edition of Martin Edge's The Underwater Photographer has been published and I have contributed a chapter on Developing A Photographic Style. Martin specifically asked me to write this chapter because he said that many of his students ask him about my images and how I manage to be different, when so many people say that everything underwater has been photographed before. The chapter is about developing a photographic vision, a way you want to show the underwater world, and figuring out the technical solutions to make it happen. In many ways it is about making your image more personal and hopefully more rewarding. It is a very different chapter.

THE best underwater photo technique book on the market PERIOD. - Diver Magazine on the Third Edition

The Underwater Photographer (Fourth Edition) is a complete rewrite from the very popular Third Edition, commonly referred to as the bible by underwater photographers. All the pictures have been changed and there is not one paragraph carried over. The book is over 500 pages long and contains more than 500 images.

Diving Almanac (2009)

I am excited to announce that I have contributed the chapter on Photography and Video to the 2009 Diving Almanac. The Diving Almanac & Book of Records is the only almanac, yearbook, book of records, and who's who of the international diving community. Updated and revised every year, it provides the most up-to-date information on diving demographics, 500 diving records and aquatic superlatives, 600 personalities, history, training, medicine, federations and associations per country, equipment, marine biology, oceanography, world news, magazines, new books and DVDs, dive destinations for over 150 countries and territories, and much more.

Perhaps the best single reference book ever published for divers. - Undercurrent Magazine

The Diving Almanac 2009 contains over 750 pages of facts, figures, charts and illustrations, including 56 pages in full color, provide readers with a unique international view of diving activities, the diving community, and underwater sciences. No other single volume offers such a wealth of information on as many diving-related subjects.

DIVE: The Ultimate Guide (2008)

I took the cover photograph for the second edition of DIVE The Ultimate Guide by Monty Halls and published by Ultimate Sports, who published my book The Art Of Diving. Completely updated for 2008, this carefully researched and fully illustrated guide is packed with all the practical travel information needed to plan any great underwater adventure. According to the publishers it is the world's best selling world scuba diving guide by far. DIVE is illustrated with stunning photography, informative maps and graphics and offers first-hand accounts of 70 of the greatest dive locations on earth (there are actually 71 locations).

DIVE is jam-packed with the most stunning pictures and reliable information on the world's best dive sites. - Miranda Krestovnikoff

DIVE has been published in English, German, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Romanian language editions. I do not have any photographs inside the book, except where the cover image is repeated. Whether an advanced diver, an aspiring beginner or somewhere in between, then DIVE will enable you to plan your trips with total confidence.

Pocket Guide Fur Taucher Rotes Meer (2008)

I was a major photographic contributor to this German language guide book to the Red Sea, Pocket Guide Fur Taucher Rotes Meer (2008) by Tauchen Magazine, published by Jahr Top Special Verlag GMBH, Hamburg. I took the cover image and many of the pictures inside this guide. More details to follow.

Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water World (2008)

I made a relatively small photographic contribution to this excellent book Smithsonian Ocean: Our World Our Water by Deborah Cramer and published by Smithsonian Books/Collins. In ways most of us have never imagined, and science is only beginning to describe, almost all life, including ours, depends on the sea. In this book, the poetic and breathtakingly beautiful companion to the Smithsonian's new Sant Ocean Hall, gifted science writer Deborah Cramer reveals how. Nobel Prize winner Al Gore wrote of Deborah Cramer's previous book Great Waters, I urge everyone to read this book, pass on its teachings, and act on its message. Now, Cramer offers a groundbreaking book for an even more urgent time.

Rachel Carson wrote the ocean's biography for the 20th century, and Deborah Cramer, with the same passion has written it for the 21st. - Linda Lear

Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water Our World, highly recommended for libraries and now being adapted for use in schools, is an inspiration for teachers and all people who love and want to care for the sea. With poetic grace and deep scientific savvy, Deborah Cramer eloquently conveys the sweeping history of the Earth from fiery origin through the explosion of life in the sea to the present era of profound human impact. Whether you seek information or inspiration, this volume is a must. Sylvia Earle.

An Advanced Guide To Digital Underwater Photography (2007)

I contributed a chapter on Available Light Photography with Filters photographs to An Advanced Guide To Digital Underwater Photography (2007) by Michael Aw and Matthieu. My chapter discusses the various techniques both for shooting underwater and for processing filter images on the computer. An interesting and original feature in this book is a special section that features images and secrets from some of the worlds top underwater photographers. I am proud that some of my photographs are also featured here alongside those of David Doubilet, Doug Perrine and Stephen Frink. This book is the follow up to the successful An Essential Guide To Digital Underwater Photography and is sure to be a popular choice for underwater photographers.

It will help newcomers gain confidence and give even experienced photographers the knowledge and inspiration to take their photography to a new level. - Peter Rowlands

Based on methods employed by professional underwater photographers, the ADVANCED guide for Digital Underwater Photography is packaged with practical techniques and useful information. Whether you are a novice or a serious shooter, this state-of-the-art guide will take your digital imaging proficiency to the next level. Expanding beyond the basic and essential aspects of digital underwater photography, the content is organised into five modules encapsulating advanced digital imaging knowledge, photographic skills, asset management, and workflow to post production. You can read more here.

The Art Of Underwater Photography (2007)

I was one of a number of photographers who have contributed images to A Diver's Guide To The Art Of Underwater Photography (2007) by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari, published by Nautilus Press. This is a large format book with more than 400 photos spread through 360 pages. More details to follow after publication.

DIVE Red Sea (2007)

I contributed 150 photographs, including the cover to Dive Red Sea (2007) by Simon Rogerson and John McIntyre, published by Ultimate Sports. Dive Red Sea offers fresh new insights into the classic Egyptian dives, and also delves far beyond the shores of package tourism, unlocking the secrets waiting to be enjoyed in the Red Sea's new frontiers, destinations such as Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti. While other guidebooks have been published on this subject, intervening years have seen the discovery of new shipwrecks, reefs and animal gatherings. Now, and for the first time, they are gathered together in Dive Red Sea, complimented by the best modern photography, high quality graphic illustrations and full colour mapping. The authors take the reader on a guided tour of classic dives and new discoveries, encompassing the areas of mass tourism and offering a tantalising glimpse of the underwater scene in the regions more obscure corners. You can read more here.

DIVE Red Sea is surely the must have book to pack into the dive bag of anyone wanting to get the best out of diving the Red Sea. Readers will find a mountain of information and advice. This book represents a unique and rewarding journey.
Michael Pitts, Emmy award-winning BBC Blue Planet underwater cameraman

The Underwater Photographer (2006)

I wrote a chapter on filter photography and provided photographs for The Underwater Photographer (2006, Third Edition) by Martin Edge, published by Focal Press. This book won best publication in the prestigious Diver Awards 2007. A superb hand-on manual containing a wealth of underwater tips, hints and advice - all beautifully illustrated with brand new, full colour images. Martin Edge, a leading authority on underwater photography, will help you capture stunning effects using his popular think and consider system - offering a heightened awareness and understanding of the subject matter, lighting and environment to take the perfect picture. Practical examples take you step-by-step through the basic techniques from photographing shipwrecks, divers, marine life and abstract images to taking photographs at night and dual lighting.

Martin gives valuable practical advice... in this compelling, valuable reference. - Stephen Frink

In 1999 the late Jim Church, guru of underwater photography, said: As a member of the new generation of underwater photography writers, Martin has set a standard that will only be surpassed when he writes a third edition.' Here it is, we hope you enjoy it. You can learn 'how that shot was taken with practical case studies. It is beautifully illustrated throughout with inspirational full colour underwater images and covers the highly respected philosophy of the Think and Consider System.

Ocean (2006) and Earth (2004)

I contributed photographs to two books in the Dorling Kindersley Reference Library Series: Earth (2004) and Ocean (2006) as well as providing the image used on much of the publicity material for Ocean. Ocean is the more recent book: explore the last wilderness left on Earth. From mangrove swamp to ocean floor, mollusc to manatee, Atlantic Conveyer to Hurricane Katrina, unravel the mysteries of the sea. Marvel at the oceans' power and importance to our planet - as the birthplace of life on Earth, a crucial element of our climate, and as a vital but increasingly fragile resource for humans. You will discover every aspect - from the geology of the sea floor and the interaction between the ocean's and atmosphere - to the extraordinary diversity of marine life. Dive in for an awe-inspiring view of a world few of us have experienced. A beautiful visual essay celebrates the drama of the sea, while stunning illustrations and the latest satellite-derived maps explain and illuminate each natural process and phenomena. It includes an inspiring introduction by Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques. Dramatic, thought-provoking, and revealing, "Ocean" shines a bright and revealing spotlight into the depths of the last wilderness on our planet.

The best popular guide to the natural history of the oceans, eclipsing even The Blue Planets book treatment. - Simon Rogerson

Earth is also excellent: visually spectacular, this standout guide to our planet offers a thorough look at the Earth's physical dynamics. Divided into five major sections-Planet Earth, Land, Ocean, Atmosphere and Tectonic Earth-the book explores the planet's environment, weather systems and general physical makeup. The large-format volume begins with the Earth's history and anatomy, featuring pages of stunning photos (one image shows a river of red-hot lava running into the sea), comprehensive layouts and excellent diagrams (e.g., a cut-out of the Earth's structure, from inner core to the chemical composition of its atmosphere). A chapter on rocks explains the many various types of metamorphic and sedentary stones, for instance, while a chapter on rivers and lakes showcases beautiful photos of the endless Amazon, with smaller sidebar photos of the animals that live in the tropics and color-coded maps of the region. Pretty enough to serve as a coffee table book, this volume also contains a tremendous amount of absorbing information.

Beneath the Seven Seas (2005)

I contributed photographs for a chapter on a shipwreck, that I took for the National Museum of the Cayman Islands, to Beneath the Seven Seas (2005) by George Bass and Published by Thames and Hudson. This book contains accounts of some of the greatest shipwreck and sunken-city projects ever undertaken, from the Pacific to the Mediterranean, from the Caribbean to the Red Sea, and from northern Europe and the United States to the Indian Ocean and the Far East. These are first-hand accounts written by the discoverers themselves, and traces the evolution of underwater archaeological excavation, from the early diving gear of the 1960s to the incredible deep-water remotely operated vehicles of the 21st century. The book also includes shipwrecks from the oldest and deepest ever excavated, through the Greek, Roman and Medieval eras, to the craft and vehicles sunk in World War II.

Readers will dive nearly 200 feet with Cemal Pulak on a royal ship that sank over 3,300 years ago off the Aegean coast of Turkey, and explore with Donny Hamilton the streets and houses of the richest English colony in the New World, the infamous pirate stronghold of Port Royal, Jamaica, swallowed by the sea in 1692. They will accompany famed undersea explorer Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, as he and Cheryl Ward search for shipwrecks in the deep, oxygen-free waters of the Black Sea. They will wade with archaeologist Fred Hocker through mud along the bank of a South Carolina river, and then sail through a gale with Susan Womer Katzev on a full-scale replica of the best-preserved ancient Greek ship yet raised from the depths of the Mediterranean.

Blending science and education with the thrill of exploration and romance of outstanding discoveries... wonderfully lively.

DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material (2004)

DPM: Disruptive Patterned Material was the first book that I contributed multiple pictures too, although it took several years to come to press. DPM is fashion house Maharishi's magnum opus on camouflage: its use in nature, in the military and in fashion. I contributed most of the chapter on wildlife. DPM is an encyclopedic art book charting the history of camouflage from its inspiration in nature, through its adoption by the military, to its current uses in design and popular culture. Divided into two books totaling 944 pages, no other title offers such a comprehensive coverage of this multifaceted and highly engaging subject. DPM contains more than 5,000 images by the world's leading nature, military and fashion photographers.

DPM includes a comprehensive guide to the camouflage patterns issued to soldiers of 107 nations around the world and, for the first time in print, thoroughly documents the rise of camouflage outside the armed forces - its use by anti-war protestors in the 1960s, further exploration by modern artists, and reinvention within areas such as fashion, architecture, music, film and sport. Depictions of camo-clad cultural icons such as David Beckham, Robert De Niro, U2, Notorious B.I.G., Ali G, Neneh Cherry and Joe Strummer illustrate the theme. Drawing on the expertise of an extensive team of consultants, DPM offers comprehensive and authoritative coverage of this multi-faceted subject. Rescuing camouflage from its unhappy associations with war and conflict, this book emphasizes its natural and artistic beauty. Here is the indispensable modern reference guide for both the novice and the seasoned camoufleur.

Everything you ever wanted to know about camouflage (and we do mean EVERYTHING) can be found in this most unusual of books. Add some utter originality to your coffee table with this source of everything camo..
Blue Bee


You can also see my photographs in the Wild Planet: Celebrating Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2010), Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 17 (2007), Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 16 (2006) and Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 15 (2005) published by BBC books Also in Fotografia Subacquea: per turtisti digitali (2005) by Enzo Borri published by Digital Lifestyle. And in Changing Sea Levels — Effects. of Tides, Weather and Climate (2004) by David Pugh published by Cambridge University Press.

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