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2020VISION was released in 2012 and brings together the photographic talents of the 2020VISION team of photographers: John Beatty, Niall Benvie, Peter Cairns, Joe Cornish, Guy Edwardes, Fergus Gill, Lorne Gill, Chris Gommersall, Danny Green, Ben Hall, Mark Hamblin, Paul Harris, Ross Hoddiott, Rob Jordan, Alex Mustard, Andy Parkinson, Linda Pitkin, Andy Rouse, David Tipling and Terry Whittaker. It is quite a line up and as you might expect the book is pretty stunning visually. But it is about more than pictures the aim of the book is to communicate what Britain's wild places mean and do for us (and for the wildlife that lives there).

Since the cover does not give a lot away, I felt the best use of this page is to share a few spreads from the book, to give you feel for the scope of the photography. I love how the images from different genres of nature photography are used together. I particularly like seeing my underwater pictures of fish, crabs, seals used side by side with photos of seabirds and the coast. So often these images are consigned to entirely separate books.

I have a few copies of the book, which I am happy to sell at events where I am speaking etc, but please email me first. I am not doing direct sales of the book, myself, online. I am always happy to sign a copy of the book, wherever you might run into me. In fact, I know a few people are trying to collect as many of the photographers signatures as possible. I recommend buying the book from one of the photographers on the project, rather that from an online book seller like Amazon, so that more of the cover price comes back into the project. Project coordinator, Pete Cairns, sells the book through his Northshots website

If you are reading in late 2012, early 2013, a really great way to get the book is free! Well free with a subscription to BBC =Wildlife magazine, for just £16.75 for 6 issues and then claim 2020VISION as your free gift.

Finally, if you are outside of the UK then Amazon is probably your best bet. This link is for the UK site, but if should link you though to your own country.

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